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Acquisition Search

Our Acquisition Search and Introduction Services help clients respond to new geographic markets, new projects or new contract award requirements. Our acquisition services are geared toward identifying the appropriate firm, overseeing the purchase and successfully monitoring the transition of the staff to meet the business needs of our client. To assist our clients in acquiring companies, we offer the following services:

Target Firm Definition Consulting Services
We work with clients to define their goals in acquiring a firm, and the criteria by which companies will be judged for acquisition.

Acquisition Search Services
Identify target companies that meet the profile defined by our client.

Acquisition Introduction Service
Initiate a dialog with companies that fit the target profile defined by our client, initiate acquisition and valuation discussions with target firm management and, when appropriate, introduce our client to the target firmís management team.

Acquisition Valuation Services
Perform and/or coordinate the valuation of a specified target firm.

Acquisition Negotiation Services
Act as an intermediary for our client in the acquisition process. We oversee the preparation of the purchase, present offers to purchase, oversee negotiations, and assist in closing the deal.

HR Due Diligence Services
Oversee the performance of HR-oriented due diligence on acquisition target firms, including a review of all outstanding and/or pending HR-oriented litigation and compliance issues, Workerís Compensation claims, etc.

Personnel Transition Planning and Management Services
Develop an announcement and transition plan to minimize the loss of key talent, oversee the blending of acquired personnel and benefits, and perform general Employee Relations.

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