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Outsource Recruiting Services

At Artemis HRC, we work with clients to define the scope and breadth of each aspect of recruiting, develop a plan to accommodate their needs, and then, in an ongoing fashion, administer our involvement to accommodate those needs.

Successful recruiting is more than finding resumes. It takes knowledgeable people to understand the needs of a hiring manager and to screen potential candidates. And it takes the right tools, skills and experience to establish relationships and trust to build networks.

Most HR professionals have many of the skills required to be good recruiters. They just don’t have the time to do it effectively or efficiently. With so many HR responsibilities having significant urgency, HR professionals often times find their recruiting needs being neglected.

That’s where Artemis HRC comes in. We recruit every day. Our talented staff of recruiters and research specialists use a variety of recruiting tools to work on several requirements simultaneously. Because of our structure and size, we are generally more cost effective and time effective than any other source.

Screening & Assessing Candidates

Our recruiting services are more than supplying a client with resumes. We screen all candidates to assess their capabilities, experience level, salary requirements and availability to determine their viability. In a contract or consulting role we will perform as much of the internal recruiting function as a client desires:

– conduct face-to-face interviews

– facilitate online professional assessments

– coordinate management interviews

– perform reference and background checks

– make salary recommendations

- extend offers of employment

When comparing recruiting capabilities, we believe we come out as the best option for our clients based on some pretty basic metrics. The metrics we use include time-to-fill ratio, number of interviews-to-hire ratio, and cost-per-hire average.

This metric is vital. It measures how long it takes a recruiting source to find the person to fill a specific opening. Given that an opening can cost a client significantly for each day it goes unfilled, the time-to-fill ratio should be relatively low.

Ideally, a hiring manager would hire someone after interviewing two to four qualified candidates. This is possible only when the open position is well-defined and the candidates are effectively screened. At Artemis, our goal is to work with you to clearly define your requirements, and to screen only those candidates who are qualified and available so that our metric runs in an interview-to-hire ratio of 3 to 1.

Our goal is to minimize the overall cost per hire to a level consistent with that of an internal, well-established and responsive recruiting organization. The specific target and the means by which we will achieve these targets vary by client and are dependent on current policies and practices, and on the type of talent needed.

In each metric we can typically show our clients significant improvements over traditional staffing efforts. At the beginning of each recruiting effort, we work with our client to define their current metrics and determine their goals for the future. We define the metrics we feel we can achieve, the time it will take to achieve them, and the steps we will go through to develop those capabilities for them. We then set a timetable for achieving those metrics and set to work to accomplish those goals.

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