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Traditional Search Services

Artemis HRC, LLC also offers traditional search and recruiting services in two forms, Retained Executive Search and Traditional Contingent Search.

Retained Executive Search
Our Executive Search experts can help you fill high-level openings within your executive management team. Our high-level searches include:

Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Chief Information Officer 
Board Member
Chief Financial Officer 

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to locate and qualify top executives across the United States. We take the time to fully understand your business, your culture and philosophy, and your expectations of the executive to fill the position. The same respect is given to prospective candidates with regard to their expectations and career desires.

Traditional Contingent Search Services are those performed for a fee that is only due upon the acceptance of employment by a candidate presented to a client by Artemis HRC. Fees and exclusivity are negotiable and are determined based on the difficulty of the assignment.

To learn more about our Traditional Search Services please contact Artemis today.

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